Back to the future.

Production blog

The second day of shooting went by and I now have over 120GB of material to look through… yay.

This shoot was a completely different experience than the first one. Shooting on location (in an attic flat in Essen-Werden) I wanted to use as much of the natural light as possible. That’s why I ended up only using two additional daylight lamps for exposure purposes.

The way of handling the camera and the actors was new to me as well. As I tried to capture the “Super 8 feeling” I had to distance myself from the conventional way of shooting:

There is a great difference between analog and digital. “You’ve go 3 and a half minutes. Make them count.” No steady, calm shots on details you can cut together in post – Start rolling and try to capture everything in one go. Editing analog film is way too much work, anyways.

Camera handling:
You are the tripod. You can walk around, you can turn up and down and most importantly: You decide what’s the important stuff. So make use of that fancy zooming-button you got there!

Another difference I tried to take care of (thanks Thomas for telling me!) was to get the perspective right. When shooting through an analog viewfinder the camera is generally hold higher than when shooting with a digital display. To mimic that is not as easy as it sounds…

Oh, and by the way: Forget about that auto focus.

With a Super 8 camera I am not an outside observer. That thing is fancy (and loud). So do not just do your thing and ignore me – the camera man is part of the scene.