Green & Red: Epic.

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You might call it a wonder: One whole day in the studio and nothing went wrong!

Actually it was a lot of fun. My crew was great (thanks to Robin and Jens), my cast was great (thanks to Tim and Maika), the camera worked, the lighting worked (after a rough start) and I got all the shots I wanted!

I will have to check the material in the following days to get a better idea, but we did quick checks while shooting, so I am sure it is what I need.

Note to myself: Improve on the catering… Coke, Apples, Frikandelbroodjes and Potato chips don’t seem to be enough.

OFFF and back again

Production blog

I just returned from the OFFF in Barcelona and my brain is bursting. I got inspired by so many great people (e.g. GMUNK, Anton & Irene, Gavin Strange, Stefan Sagmeister, etc.), I will need some time to order my mind… But then – somewhen next week, I hope – I will try to write a little entry about the festival.

But first things first. The music video. While my flesh covered skeleton seems to be exhausted, my mind is full of inspiration. Tomorrow, I will be shooting the green-screen material in the studio (see Call-sheet) together with my camera man Robin, who will handle the RED epic, and Jens the light-master. I will shoot everything in slow motion (100fps) and 2K, to have some more possibilities in post.

On Tuesday then, I will shoot the second storyline in Essen. The location changed from Dinslaken, as I found an even nicer attic flat – more on that later…

Callsheet Monday

Keep on rolling.

Production blog

Quick update: Yesterday evening, the guys performed in Dinslaken. I took some pictures and filmed more material – this time taking into account the purpose: I tried to imitate filming on a Super 8 camera. Handheld; no focus-pulling, etc.

Additionally I used this weekend to go location scouting and found the perfect location for some of the shooting. While the studio/green-screen shooting will take place in the Big Studio at Saxion (I will reserve the place tomorrow!), the other storyline will be filmed in this beautiful and cozy attic flat (sorry for the picture quality, though):


Die Lichtung.

Production blog

Yesterday morning I had a short feedback talk with Rob Nijland (teacher at Saxion) about the style I am aiming for. He like my ideas and told me, that I should take the lighting into account, when filming the fake Super 8 material.

In the evening then, I went to the “Lichtung” in Cologne for Mockingbirds second gig. Sadly I was not able to rent a film camera for that occasion. Nevertheless I used the opportunity to talk about the Super 8 issues, the current state of the concept and the song as well as possible shooting dates and locations.

Additionally I took some pictures with my own camera… You never know what you might need them for.

Fakin’ it.

Production blog

The experimenting I was talking about on Friday went pretty good. The magic of Adobe After Effects, mattes, layer styles and stock footage allowed me to transform some of the test footage I filmed on the 1st of May into some kick-ass Super 8 films!

Obviously, I’ve overdone it a bit, but this short reel gives a good impression of what is possible in post-production and I am definitely planning to go down that road:

Not so super: 8.

Production blog

This week was a week of holiday in the Netherlands and I used it to conduct some research and do some experimenting. My initial plan was to film one of my two storylines on Super 8 film material. My guiding docent was so kind to provide me with a camera, so all I needed was the films.

Well, as it turns out, that sounds easier than it is. I found some German and Dutch websites where one can buy such films and which even develop the material afterwards: KAHL Film & TV, Wittner Cinetec and being the biggest ones.

To make a long story short: There are various factors that lead to the conclusion that it would not be feasible to film on Super 8 after all. I will have to recreate the look in post-production.

Factor 1: A standard film roll measures 15ft / 15,25m and consists of approximately 3600 frames. That results in 3:20 mins when filming with 18fps, the frame rate typically used on Super 8. Obviously I would need multiple of those film rolls for the actual filming alone – not to speak of beforehand test-shoots (as I have never shot moving images on analog before) and the error-margin coming with analog film-making.

Factor 2: Developing analog film-material takes time, and my deadline is near. While, for example, has an express service to develop material in under 48hrs, that service costs three times as much as the normal time of around 30 days.

To make a rough estimation for 5 film rolls (which is super-duper optimistic, btw): KAHL Film would be the cheapest option with ca. 165€ but the problem, that development takes around 30 days – or 60 days if I make a test shooting before the actual shooting. Buying the films and using the express service of would cost 200€ – 250€ on top of the 165€ for the material. Sadly, my budget doesn’t allow option 2 and my deadline doesn’t allow the first one either.

The stage is yours!

Production blog

I used “Labor Day” on Friday for some actually work! Tim & Maika had their first gig and I used the opportunity for a physical meeting in Essen. We talked about the concept I have and decided that they will write and record a song that will fit that mood I aim for. When that is done, I will be able to adjust the concept minimally so it fits perfectly to the music.

Additionally I shot some short clips to experiment with in the coming days. You can even see me roaming around in this short recording made by Medienmalocher: