Long Terms. Short Version.

Leegl - Long Terms. Short Version.

No one reads the fine print – because major online services don’t want you to read them. The internet is a really scary place if you are aware of what you agreed on. We need to change that. By offering transparent overviews of what the terms really are – implemented directly into the registration process. By doing so we force online platforms to change something about their fine print. So that in future you don’t need to accept “basically everything”.


Leegl.org Demo


Together with Creative Technologist Viktor Kislovskij, Strategist Laura Weber and Senior Art Director Helge Kniess we came up with and developed this browser extension during the 48 hours of the Koding Hackathon 2014. Up till now, the project can only be considered a work of concept as it only works on a limited amount of websites and is not legally waterproof. Still we plan to develop it further, as the need for transparency on the web is very urgent.

All the code and documentation can be found on GitHub and a progress report about the project can be read in the E-Mag of PAGE Online.