One week to go.

Production blog

I used this week to write an edit plan and to assemble all the material I need. On Thursday then, Mockingbird finally finished the song (Loosing myself) and I could start with the serious stuff. After some in-between feedback from my coach, the offline edit is finished now!

Concerning my editing style, I got some inspiration from other music clips of this genre (especially SOHN) which I then tried to combine with my personal editing style and the style of the song.

This Tuesday I will start compositing (Monday is research-time…) and I am very, very eager to show you the final product next week! For now, I’ll head back to my rotoscoping…

Fakin’ it.

Production blog

The experimenting I was talking about on Friday went pretty good. The magic of Adobe After Effects, mattes, layer styles and stock footage allowed me to transform some of the test footage I filmed on the 1st of May into some kick-ass Super 8 films!

Obviously, I’ve overdone it a bit, but this short reel gives a good impression of what is possible in post-production and I am definitely planning to go down that road: