I was thinking…

Production blog

Well, it’s over. Sadly, I cannot show you the final video just yet. I can say that I have learned a ton of stuff in the last couple of weeks and had a lot of fun creating the clip. I can also say, that I am proud of the outcome and super excited to get your feedback, once Mockingbird releases the song!

For now, I hope some stills and my conclusion are enough. Concerning the pre-production I am super happy that everything worked out so smoothly. It took some time to get my vision clear enough, but once I had a concept, the support from the band was great. It was a very good experience to meet the band on three gigs to get to know them better and to connect the final product closer with their work. My greatest weakness, the planning, did go well (for once) and although everything was planned pretty tight, it all worked out in the end.