Back to the future.

Production blog

The second day of shooting went by and I now have over 120GB of material to look through… yay.

This shoot was a completely different experience than the first one. Shooting on location (in an attic flat in Essen-Werden) I wanted to use as much of the natural light as possible. That’s why I ended up only using two additional daylight lamps for exposure purposes.

The way of handling the camera and the actors was new to me as well. As I tried to capture the “Super 8 feeling” I had to distance myself from the conventional way of shooting:

Green & Red: Epic.

Production blog

You might call it a wonder: One whole day in the studio and nothing went wrong!

Actually it was a lot of fun. My crew was great (thanks to Robin and Jens), my cast was great (thanks to Tim and Maika), the camera worked, the lighting worked (after a rough start) and I got all the shots I wanted!

I will have to check the material in the following days to get a better idea, but we did quick checks while shooting, so I am sure it is what I need.

Note to myself: Improve on the catering… Coke, Apples, Frikandelbroodjes and Potato chips don’t seem to be enough.