Beck’s / Soundpils

Since 2017 Beck’s heavily focuses on its customers with the new claim “You make it legendary”.

In order to keep this promise, we co-created the Beck’s Soundpils. A brand-new limited edition beer with a very special ingredient: the consumers!

Plants grow better, when you talk to them. So for the very first time Beck’s infused its hops field with the sound of its fans. The result? A unique new taste and proud customers who played an essential role in the making.

Agency: Serviceplan Campaign International
Managing Partner: Markus Kremer, Thomas Heyen, Florian Klietz
Managing Supervisor: Lars Holling
Senior Account Manager: Sabrina Schwartz
Junior Account Manager: Mariah Kattmann
Design Director: Sebastien Stabenau
Senior Copywriter: Jan-Erik Scheibner
Copywriter: Melis Adigüzel, Joy Chakravorty
Art Director: Sine Marie Harwits, Sudarshan Waghmare
Junior Art Director: Philipp Trübiger
Final Art Specialist: Nils-Christian Sperling

Production: ELEMENT E Filmproduktion GmbH
Producer: Sebastian Schröer
Director: Jeffrey Lisk, Bernd Possardt
Cinematographer: Chris McKissick
Head of Production: Patrick Volm-Dettenbach

Music: Extreme Musik

New York Festival
Second Prize Award in Public Relations
Third Prize Award in Direct & Collateral
Finalist Certificate in Activation & Engagement
Finalist Certificate in Direct & Collateral

The ONE Show
5x Shortlist