Unleashing a high-performance monster like THE XM in this era? That’s not just bold—it’s downright audacious. So we rallied behind the notion that if you’re going to make waves, you might as well cause a tsunami and nudged BMW to take a leap of faith straight into the arms of chaos with BRTHR, a directing duo notorious for blowing minds with their frenetic, sensory-saturating music videos.

The result? A series of eight social-first episodes and a 60 second best-of TVC that are a full-throttle sprint into the future, defiantly skirting the edge of madness.

Agency: Jung von Matt Hamburg / THE GAME
Managing Partner: David Leinweber, Thimoteus Wagner
Creative Directors: Damian Kuczmierczyk, Mirjam Wagner, Elizabeth Herold⁠
Senior Art Director: Philipp Trübiger
Producer: David Voss

Production: Rekorder GmbH
Producer: Konstantin Nerger, Sebastian von Gumpert⁠
Director: BRTHR
Cinematographer: Patrick Aldinger
Editor: Immanuel Hackenberger

Visual Effects: HIMIA

Music/Sound Design: IXYXI MUSIC

Berlin Commercial
Shortlist in Editing
Shortlist in VFX/Animation